A party turning to the Colorado State Courts to obtain “justice” or redress of his or her rights embarks on an expensive journey through a minefield of rules and other law opposed by an aggressive party equally determined to assert its own case.  In such an environment, frustration, distortion and relatively great expense should be anticipated.

Litigation should not be the choice of any person without careful consideration of the risks and costs.  Putting your cause in the hands of a Judge or jury is a high risk venture with an uncertain outcome  There are so many variables impossible to control that litigation in Colorado State Courts should never be  initiated without very careful consideration and a sufficient asset base to support the costs to be expected.

Potential clients should consider the risks noted above and then retain a lawyer experienced and skilled in representation in the Colorado State Courts.

Frequently, the potential client is being dragged into a Colorado Court by another.  In such a circumstance there is no choice other than hiring a skilled lawyer.

Most cases do not go to trial but are settled, mediated or arbitrated.  Please review the comments on those forms of dispute resolution discussed below.

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